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    brake pad question. noob i'm afraid.

    i've got Tektro linear pull brakes on my GIANT mtb. don't laugh, it's my commute bike till i learn how to maintenance properly and get a proper bike.

    acutally a very nice bike, bought 2nd hand, but anyway, the brakes are less than desirable and the pads on the front are worn down.

    what inexpensive brake pads would you recommend? where to get them from (in the UK, Reading, Berks resident, not against online shopping)?

    how do i know which pads and/or "shoes" will be compatible with my brakes?

    incidentally, the GIANT i got looks similar to this
    but with a much cooler black and white (probably faux) leather saddle that matches the black and white frame it's got, i've never been able to identify it online though... alluxx 6000 series

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    Any linear pull brake pad will work. Do not get ones made for cantilever brakes, they won't fit onto the brake arms. If your brakes are the cartridge type you just need the pad inserts. If not get one that is, they make pad replacement easier in the future. The koolstop brand work well for all conditions.

    While you're at it get a scotch brite pad and clean your rim brake surfaces of the gunk and buildup.
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