Hey All,

I am going to be replacing the brontrager wheel set ( mustangs) and would like some input and recommendations. I can get the crank brothers xc cobalts or Easton xc ones from the local bike shop. They recommend the cobalts as they say eastons parts are harder to find and more expensive. Anyone have any time on these wheels or recommend another popular brand as light and stiff as these the bike store might have. I have done research and get good reviews...cobalts seem to have some hub issues when first come out...supposedly corrected...anyone know if this is correct? The complaints that the Eastons do have are about durability...mostly with spokes. Any insight on these wheel sets would be appreciated...they are proud of them.

Looking for a stiffer and lighter wheel set for my paragon (29er) hard tail. Use the bike for more xc oriented mountain trails and climbs. Don't really like brontrager parts either. I will be going tubeless and I am not a racer. Ran search with limited findings. Again, any feedback or insight on these wheel sets or others would be greatly appreciated...thanks.