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    New to MB and need help choosing bike!

    I am new to the scene and i have been out at lots of different bike shops trying to decide on a 29er and i have it down to 2 choices. I am 6'7 and weight 275 pounds so i need something that will stand up to my size and weight. I want to start off riding on roads for a while until i can get used to riding my bike again. But eventually i will go to riding dirt trails and eventually maybe some amateur off-roading. The 2 bikes are a 2010 Specialized Rockhopper comp 29er with a 23 inch frame and a 2012 Felt nine sport 29er with a 21.5 frame.

    here are the websites for each and the technical info.

    Both shops are willing to replace the stem and do whatever it takes to get the handlebars in a comfortable spot. I am worried about the felt because of the smaller frame and it looks like im going to need a 140mm stem to feel comfortable. But im also worried about the Spec because i have read bad things about the wheels and the fork.

    I am looking to get as much advice from anyone who has experience with these. Will the smaller frame of the felt cause me any problems because of my size?
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