Rockshox xc30tk-109$ (great price, won't last long)
Marzocchi 22 LO-119$
Suntour Epicon RLD-189$

The rockshox and marzocchi last until 3/11. The suntour is good for another two days, and it's on ebay. Which fork is the best? I don't care too much about the weight, and which one is the stiffest and most plush? All have 30mm upper tubes, 100mm travel...but the Epicon is air, vs the Rockshox and Marzocchi which are coil. All have lockout and rebound adjust. Looks don't really matter (granted, the epicon looks the best with the gold uppers). Once again, not a weight weenie, but the epicon is 1800g, rockshox is like 2200 and marzocchi is 2400 (I think). I'm pretty light (about 120 lbs, 15 yrs old) and so air would probably be good. I use it for xc and light am, and commuting to school and around town. I'm using an entry xc hardtail and wanted something better than my flexy rst capa ml.
Thanks for your help in advance, and please respond quickly...these sales end soon