Hey y'all,
any opinions on K2 bikes. I'm looking at possibly buying a K2 29er either the zed 5.29 if i can find a retailer that has it or a zed 3.29 which isn't as good as the 5.29 but its only $300 at bike nashbar.
I'm really not too sure on k2 anymore after it got bought out by world cycling supply or something like that in 07 but when k2 bikes was actually owned by k2, i used to have a 2001 k2 attack 3.0 and really liked it and its 9 speed deore drivetrain. It actually is still being used by a friend of mine since i outgrew it.
Sould I go with k2 or should i look at other brands. I'd like to stay around the $500/$600 point if possible and get essentially a 29er hardtrail level of bike as the attack 3.0.
here's some links on the specs of the bikes:
k2 zed 5.29:
k2 zed 3.29
and the old 2001 k2 attack 3.0: