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    Me and a friend were talking mountain bikes one day, and he was telling me that dirt jumping bikes are heading in the direction of a BMX, and down hill bikes are heading towards a dirt bike design? With full suspension on downhill bikes, is the design, or future designs meant to be the same as a dirt bike, in principle? This all true?, and can you expand on it?
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    Actually....many dirtjumpers use full suspension rigs when the go big. Its on the small stuff when they use a HT, more like BMX style jumps.

    Id say the only thing similiar to the dirtbike is the gearbox idea, possibly some of the suspension idea's out there. If they used to the same principles as a dirtbike, the bikes would weigh much more, and thats NOT what DHers want. I see DH bikes coming in lighter and lighter now a days. Many of the top DHers sacrifice performance for weight, not by a huge margin, but they do it.

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