Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new bike, just for trails and the alike. Im from northern ontario and there's only a few good bike dealers around where I live so my options aren't huge. The 2 stores deal kona, Norco, specialized, trek, KHS and devinci so any recommendations of other brands will be unobtainable for me in the region. I'm looking to spend 700$ at most. The bikes that I've been recommended are:
-Specialized hardrock disk
- Kona fire mountain
-KHS alite 500
-Devinci camelion s

I'm not sure which one to buy, Im not a huge fan of the look of the specialized(compared to the other bikes) the stem, bars and frame tubes seem really thin and I really don't like the look. I like the KHS but I'd like to know which bike is best out of those 4 in terms of durability, shifting, and overall control. I'm open to other recomendations as long as there under 700$ and as long as their one of the brands I listed above. So please let me know what you guys recommend.

Thanks for your time,