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    Stans notubes and UST

    hey everyone-

    I was just thinking about getting the Notubes kit after seeing and hearing about it everywhere, and then seeing the nutty video on their site ( Anyways, because I already HAVE tubless wheels in the glorious shape of the Mavic Crossmax SL, it seems that the only benefit is the instant sealing. I was wondering however if there are other benefits such as being able to run a non-UST (lighter) tire and easier installation? Maybe there are more...
    Anyone ever done this or have any ideas?


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    No Tubes works just fine on a UST rim with a Non UST tyre.
    However I would caution that using non UST tyres in a tubeless configuration shortens their life considerably. I only use that configuration for racing now and UST for Marathons and training rides.

    the sealant is the best I've tried by a long way.
    An ounce off the wheels is worth 3 off the frame

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