The Toughest Bike You'll Ever Buy

Most riders know: to really score a dream bike, you have to build it yourself—carefully selecting each gadget, the proper materials and a mechanic friend to simplify the mess of chains, spokes, tires and aluminum alloy. Pain in the ass? Um, yeah.

So rather than recommending you go out and put together your own custom-built ride, we took your must-haves and wish list items (along with plenty of our own) and poured them into one sweet all-terrain vehicle: The Men's Fitness Folding Mountain Bike.
This is a joke, right? Periodical branded folding bike? Must be a competition prize, right? One time gimmick?

Nope. For the low, low price of $699. What a steal! Today is definitely not April Fools. There's more:

The Men's Fitness Bike

Manufactured by a company called prodeco, who specialize in folding electric bikes.

Maybe I'm too quick to judge. Thoughts?