As i recently bought some shiny new Avid Single Digit Ultimate Brakes, i also need some brake cables. I could just pop down the lbs and get some cheap cable.... but i was browsing the shops and found some cables by Avid, immediately i was found wanting - i mean it is Avid after all. The product in question is the: Avid Flakjacket Brake Cable Set

Description going with it is: Bullet-proof Kevlar® mesh renders our compressionless Flak Jacket cable housing lighter, more flexible and impervious to thrashing. Ultralow-friction Teflon® coated cables make for smooth, effortless control. And the Shield-Lock liner slip over the Shield-Lock ferrules to seal the entire system from mud, grit and grime.

Kevlar® Mesh Lighter and more flexible Compressionless housing Provides firmer feel at lever without sacrificing modulation or power
Shield Lock Liner Prevents mud, dirt and water from residing inside the cable housing
Teflon Inner Wire Reduces friction
Finish Translucent coating with Kevlar Mesh

OK i mean it sounds a lot better than your average cable but is it really worth the £20. Im guessing it is as it includes housing, and cables are going to be a tenner anywhere. The real question is, has anyone had experience of them, what are they like, and should i buy them??