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    Finished her bike - Getting the girlfriend into MTBing!

    She's not a cyclist yet, but that's the hope. I'll try to get some pictures of the bike up tomorrow. It's a Novara Amiga frame, older Rock Shox Judy something-or-other fork, some pretty light Rolf wheels to keep rotating weight low, Deore 9sp shifters with LX rear derailer and Alivio front, big range cassette(36t big cog and 24t small ring in front! That should make climbing easy for her.) Shimano v-brakes. Comes in at ~26-27lbs on the digital bathroom scale. The paint is kinda rough, but it works well and I think it's better than anything I would have gotten for less than a few hundred. If she ends up wanting to go MTBing with me some, the fork will most likely get an upgrade and I think that alone will greatly improve the bike. At that point I'd also probably throw on a disk brake in front since I've got a cheapo caliper and rotor on the parts shelf anyway.
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    Why do I not have a boyfriend who builds me bikes? Good luck getting her into it!

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