I am mike, I normally live in the C&V pages.

I have a few MTB's i have rebuilt, a Trek 4500 for me w/ rock shocks, and a 2200 for my boy
also have a nishiki cro-mo polished frameset(no suspension) I just cant see throwing away
As I flip bikes they come quite often
we have our scrap drive and its a prime place for picking up project bikes.

I picked up a red aluminum Grisley "mega" with suntour M-8030 forks.

the forks work but I am sure they could use an overhaul.
hope the parts are available.

wheels with it 8 speed casette, I got enough to build it back up.

can somebody tell me more about this company?

sorry no picture- but its 11pm here.

I think they are not around anymore.