Been doing a lot of riding lately and both my conditioning and technical skills have been progressing. A trail that used to kick my butt a year ago and is considered one of the more technical trails in the area, I can now clean 90% of the time without issue. So that being said, I was feeling a bit full of myself and set out to check out a new "secret" trail that had been built by some local talent in one of our local parks. After numerous spills and a long vigorous hike a bike out I have come to the conclusion that I am still not that good. It blows me away what some people can do on a bike. I had trouble walking down a lot of it let alone riding it.
Having gone on this little venture, it has really put things in perspective about how much I have to learn and how much harder I need to work if I want to get to level I want to be at. Talk about some serious motivation. I don't know about you but I feel like I have lost a battle and now I want nothing more than to redeem myself, however far down the road redemption may be.
So the question I ask is have you ever had a trail put you in your place? Or even better have that experience, and then come back to conquer it?