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    I nearly finished my '96 Giant Boulder alu lite when this '01 Trek 4500 struck me...

    In a nutshell; this is an I can't decide topic and although it's strictly personal (hope not) I need you to help me!

    My current mountainbike I still can use is my '96 Gary Fisher Aquila. Love the colour and design but it's only like 17.5" while I need something like 19/20/21 inch I guess (1.88m). For technical parts XC it's lovely but anything further than 300m I get exhausted. You can see the seat post and stem for compensation of the size. Also the Suntour XCC fork is heavy and not that great. Various parts from XT rear der up to STX parts.

    Specs here:

    In the mean time i bought a larger frame: a '96 Giant Boulder Alu lite. Just for the frame. Check the this piece of junk (paid like $25):

    Don't run! It was about the 19.5" frame. Once stripped it weighted next to nothing. Good catch!
    Also some strange mix of parts on this one. Nice fork: the Rond Magura 2 Stroke S (the good one with the bolted crown, no recall on this serie). Almost finished this bike to be ridden on (and sell the GF) but have to finish the v-brake mounting (can't get the right bolts). Current state:

    Full specs:

    Easy! Sell the GF (or keep the frame for all times sake) and ride the Boulder. Right?
    But than my dad gave me his old MTB in nice condition. A 2001 Trek 4500 in 19". Deore/Alivio and Bontrager parts. Crashed the front once and a new Vuelta rim with noname hub into a, excusez le mot, InSync fork was the upgrade by the lbs.

    It arrived like this:

    First step: stripping of fender, seat bag, lock (had to cut it), bike computer, bar ends (cow horns) and the reflectors in the front wheel


    Don't dig the riser bar but better than before.
    full specs:

    The question! What should I do? Finish the Giant (perhaps upgrade some parts) of go with the Trek 4500? Both entry level bikes, but with some upgrades doable. Btw the Giant is 9spd and the Trek 8spd. So the winner gets the 9spd combo!

    And while we're at it: What are my best wheels:
    - Mavic X221 with CODA hubs (currently in the Giant)
    - Mavic 230 TIB with Hope hub front and Shimano Deore LX Parralax FH-M563 rear
    - Vuelta Vision High profile / Vuelta VXC 2.4 double wall combo with noname/deore hubs (currently Trek 4500)
    - Fir MT240 black with Shimano Acera X FH-M290 hubs

    Thanks for watching.
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    I would go with the giant... very nice looking frame.. Put all the best parts on it and have a decent back up bike or two?... great to have options.

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