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    Disk brake swap...whats available?

    I have a 2000 Gary Fisher X-Caliber.

    Love the bike, hate them Hayes hydro disks.
    Wanna get something different, but I have come to find out that most of the stuff made is now is designed under an industry standard.

    Example: It was explained to me that the industry standard is that the mounts are no longer on the chainstay, but now on the drop out for the rear.

    Mine is on the chainstay. With that explained, what can be fitted to my bike? Been looking at the Grimeca, but am totally confused by the different types. Please give any input you can.

    thank you,

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    I'm running a Grimeca system 8( 6" rotar). Its very similar if not identicle to shimano XT disc brakes. Its a four piston system that I find is super strong with great modulation. you should also check out Hope brakes also . They cost a bit more but they supposed to be the best.
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