Pretty damn heavy. I don't have a gram scale, so I weighed the whole bike before and after.
Specialized Ground Control 2Bliss 26x2.3F/2.1R ** 24.5 pounds
Geax Saguaro TNT 26x2.2F/2.0R 25.8 pounds

** But after I broke the bead on the GCs, I found that the front was damp inside, but no useful amount of sealant. The rear had maybe 15ml in it. Guess I was a bit overdue to top 'em off.

The claimed specs on the tires is that the Geax are 200g heavier for the pair. The rest is sealant! Wow, 120ml of Stans isn't light.

Riding impressions:
The trail is extra dry, dusty hardpack with limited loose-over-hardpack.

Rolls and brakes better than the Ground Control. Corners different, but similarly. The GC has a better intermediate knob that gives a consistent, confident feel but the Saguaro has good bite once you're on the shoulder knobs. The speed reminded me of my dad's Rocket Rons (I rode his bike again yesterday), but there was far more grip. Pretty odd to me to have a combination of speed and grip, but it does. It's probably the center knob design.

I'm planning to head to a tougher trail with more rocks within a week or so, but they're 1 - 1.5 hrs away. The Saguaro was recommended by a local Cat 1 who loves their speed, grip and durability. The sidewall definitely is thicker than on the Specialized.