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    DSP Racing

    Titanium springs now direct to the US! (holiday 10% discount)

    Happy holidays from the titanium experts at Spring Time!

    Spring Time, with a little help from DSP Racing, is pleased to begin direct sales to the United States, just in time for the holiday season! (Sorry to all you riders outside the states, we’re coming for you soon!) Find a travel and rate to suit your needs. We’ve got 23 different sizes to choose from that fit almost all major rear shock brands!

    You can not find a full range of our high-end titanium springs at our new merchant site:

    Enter in the code bfholiday at checkout and receive a 10% discount on your entire order! First 25 orders get a sweet Kronos Titanium hat!

    You’ve already heard titanium is what you need to reduce weight and enjoy the ride a bit more, but here’s a couple more drops of sauce to marinate on:

    • As you know, 30-50% reduction in weight (by application) vs. steel springs

    • Greater response rate vs. steel, which adds traction, handling and responsiveness

    • Superior lifespan vs. steel (and other brands of titanium; see below)

    • Weather resistant (vs. extreme cold or heat), anti-rust properties

    • Looks abundantly sweet and your friends will get jealous instantly

    Shipping is $30 for 5-10 day handling and EMS shipping. All springs are backed up by a one-year warranty. Sorry, only PayPal is accepted at the moment.

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    'Bout time. Every time I'd checked Spring Time's site before they seemed to be out of stock. Will check it out.

    These are 1.43" ID, right? Do I need collar kit for the DHX? And what's the weight of a 400x3.0?
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