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    Cannondale F1000, mango 1997, with xtr 8 speed components, bought secondhand. Spend a long time cleaning and regreasing and tuning. THe vintage lavender roadbie pictured in my thread. Kona hahana Singlespeed conversion.
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    Please help decide between an 8 speed xtr 951 group bike and a 9 speed xt?

    Hello all,

    I hope that I am in the correct forum.

    Anyway I am trying to decide berween to very sweet steel hardtails -- one decked with 8 speed xtr 950\951 gruppo. This group was a dreamgroup for me when I commuted as a job in the 90's, and way beyond my budget.
    The second bike is decked with an xt 9 speed group,

    I would like to get the XTR bike, but I have read that the OCTALINK V1 BB is very difficult to get. And very expensive. Same goes for the XTR SPIDER -- BIG CHAINRING.
    Should Istay away from this bike based on my fear of not being able to replace or maintain the Crankset/Bottom Bracket?

    Any feedback is much appreciated.

    Regards S.B

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    S.B. If thats the xtr with the weird ass size bolt patern i would go with the XT a friend of mine has been looking for that chain ring for about 3 years now with no luck. As for the bb they are much more common. I was at my lbs today looking at NOS parts for a commuter re build and they had a Ultegra 9 sp crank with the V1 bb I asked them about availabily of them they said they the could order them still and had a couple on the back shelf.
    If it looks like the $3000 bikes but costs less than a decent helmet, it probably isn't a wise investment.

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