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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterK View Post
    Well that helps clarify abit. I'm pretty sure imma still save my pennies for an xc32. I think anything higher and I should just upgrade to a whole new ride. I'm still not sure what the diff between xc32 and recon really is(besides one is coil one is air, unless they make a coil recon) the specs are soo similar its a blurred line to my knowledge of products, which isn't overly much.
    Like is it a servicability thing or soley air vs coil??
    I believe you can get both in solo air or coil. Biggest difference is the tora's used to have some reliability problems, they may have fixed that with the XC32. Maybe just the biggest difference now is weight, but the recon is probably still built a little better.
    The gap from the recon to the xc32 may be smaller than when it was the Tora. You probably can find some comparisons on MTBR of people that have used both.

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    The Suntour forks that come on bikes stock in the US are crap but Suntour does make some decent forks.
    That link was already posted once but it needs posted again. If your bike came with a Suntour fork you can upgrade to one of their decent ones fairly cheaply. Not sure how their "good" forks stack up vs the rox shock line but if you want to buy a $600 or so bike and save some money you can always upgrade to one of Suntour's better air forks if their crap fork isn't good enough later.
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