Nice sunny wheather today, good for a testride!
Yesterday i mounted a new frontshock (Magura comp 115 mm), new cogs w chain and new tires (Schwalbe big Jim and Huricanne)
First about 18 km ride before i reached the trail, good to warm up your body

Finally at the trail, a few weeks ago it was a bit desert like, but today the track was in great condition.
The shock works great, much stiffer and a beter reaction than the old one, now is the time to go faster and faster in the little dowhills.

My condition is not great and it costed me much energy to charge the sandhills, but after a while my legs became better :confused:
After 14 km i reached the start of the track and i decided to do another round, well the second was a bit harsh!

Still the 18 km to go, anyone knows the feeling "just cycling" ? , well i did it on my way home
Yea, it was a good ride today , hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.