the forks on my Giant Rainier seem to have a lot of stiction in/on them.
the ones on my friend's Rainier seem much smoother.
how long does it normally take for them to "break in"?
we've put a little less than 100 miles on them so far(89 to be exact). do they "break in" at different rates?
should i go and complain to the LBS i got the bike at?
it is a VERY noticable feeling in the forks for the first 1/4 inch or so, then they seem to work as they are supposed to. do i need new seals, or those teflon thingies(i forgot what they're called)?
other than this i love the bike. but i think i heard it ask me for an XT crankset, and i don't want to make it mad.
any help greatly appreciated.