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Thread: Lady's bike ???

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    Lady's bike ???

    Hi all

    Anybody knows about the WSD (Women Specific Design) from Trek???
    My girlfriend currently rides some sort of massive 10-years-old-45-Kilos Scott thing, and is thinking about investing in some new bike...
    I obviously told her I knew everything about everything, and I am obviously in need of help now

    Any suggestion anybody??? She's looking at spending $800-500.

    Thank you very much in advance for saving me


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    I'm sorry - I've never tried that one. However, I do have some experience shopping for womens' bikes

    I've tried two women specific frames - the Santa Cruz Juliana and the Titus xs Loco Moto - and you know what? BOTH have longer top tubes than my RM Element. Moral of the story? Just find one that fits! And yes, I'm rather untall - @ 5' 2.5" I thought I'd want a women specific bike. NOPE. And before my RM, my Specialized Rock Hopper (size 15.5") fit me just fine!

    hope that helps!
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