My 2009-2011 RS Reba XX Dual Air 29er 100mm fork has 9mmQR dropouts. I just got a 15mm thru axle wheelset. Can I swap out the lowers and internals of the Reba XX with an SID World Cup Dual Air, with Keronite coating lower legs with it? The SID lowers sell for $150/shipped.

Nobody seems to know and obviously SRAM wants you to go through an LBS....which has been of little help. I love the feel of the Dual Air forks and cannot afford to buy new 15mm TA forks. To currently make the TA wheels work - I have a DT Swiss RWS 10mm thru-bolt axle and a machined billet reducer adapter, from MTBTools. Is converting this all over a waste of effort and money, for the sake of lightness and uniformity? Anybody?