Hi Guys,

Need help on what Wheelset Size setup is this? I have attached the pictures in the link below:


I am not sure if it's a QR 135/142 x 12mm?


Is this a QR 135/142 x 9mm?

I think it might be a QR 135/142 x 9mm, and if so, can I fit a QR 135/142 x 12mm Wheelset into the frame? Do I need a special adapter or skewers to do so?

Please help, please assist... can anyone tell me the exact specification of my bike Wheelset Setup.

I am planning to change my entire Wheelset and fit in an Easton EA70 Wheelset into my bike ( See link: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/m.../rp-prod113743 ) and I am not sure which wheel size to get. And on the event if the Easton wheels can't fit, is there a special adapter or skewer to make it compatible to fit my bike.

Thank you so much for your assistance and time.