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    Fat Bike Tubeless Help

    I'm starting this thread because I've been trying for two days to get my tire/rim combo to seal on a new fat bike. Hoping I can get a few tips/suggestions flowing so we can have a nice resource for this new trend.

    Here's what's going on. New Surly Rolling Darryl Rims, New 45 North Dillinger Tires. I have it set up "ghetto" tubeless (or at least am trying to) with gorilla tape over the rim strip. I had no problem with this exact same set up on a different rim/tire (same rims and tires, but older). It was monstrous pain in the ass to get the beads seated. I tried a rope around the circumference of the tire, zip ties, duct tape, etc. I finally ended up, putting in a tube, blowing it up until the bead seated, then carefully pulled the bead on one side only, removed the tube, reinserted the tubeless stem, added Stans, rolled the bead over on the same side, and then reinflated. That worked like a charm.

    Here's where it gets frustrating. I cannot for the life of me get the bead to seal on the rim. Once the pressure gets to about 8-10 psi, you hear the treaded hiss and stans starts bubbling out the rim tire bead junction. Everything else seals up fine. But it will not hold on either tire or rim. I'm not sure if it's a hopeless scenario because the tires are just a bit too big for the rim (which makes me worry a bit even with tubes) or if there is a simple fix. I'd appreciate your thoughts/suggestions.

    Things I have not tried:

    Split tube - I'm not sure this will make a difference since the air will still seep out if the bead is too stretched loose, but I'm open to suggestions. With technique, do you still gorilla tape the rim? Would seem silly to have that extra weight.

    Glitter or other particulate - Think it would coagulate the stans enough to get a seal or is the tire just to big?

    I've set up numerous tubeless tires and never had this particular issue...especially with both wheels. Maybe this combo is tubeless hopeless.


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    Wow. Hours of toil for:

    • The "convenience" of tubeless?
    • Bragging rights?

    I don't get it.

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