Hello, I am kind of in a predicament, I have recently started getting into mountain biking and am starting to use my 2003 Giant Yukon Mountain Bike which I bought new for $375 at a discounted rate because it was an old model. I have not used it much or took it on any hard trails yet so it is still in excellent condition. Now I am going to be moving back to Michigan from San Diego and I woun't be able to take my bike with me. I was wondering if I would be saving more money by selling my bike here in San Diego and just finding another used Mountain Bike when I move to Michigan or if I would be saving more money and time by breaking down my bike and shipping it to Michigan in sections? Or if it would be best to just ship the frame to Michigan, sell the tires here in San Diego, and buy tires when I get to Michigan? Getting another bike is not a big deal to me because I haven't rode my Yukon enough to be really accustomed to it yet. Has anyone ever shipped their mountain bike cross country, if so how much? And what kind of depreciation am I expecting if I try to sell my bike? I'd appreciate your expertise, thanks.