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    full helmet and shin guards

    a new dj/freeride hybird kinda section is coming together in my area [big drops, ladders, logs/skinnies, table tops, etc]

    has some awesome jumps/stunts i can't wait to hit

    this is my first attempt at dj, though, so i feel the need to armor-up a bit

    anyone suggest a good full helmet to keep me from breaking my jaw? (this place has a ~20+ foot gap and some killer drops)

    how about some good shin guards?

    thanks for the help
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    Pricepoint's got the 661 on sale for $50. If you need a size smaller than a large, Jenson had some on sale too. Good prices on new helmets on ebay as well. I could be wrong, but I doubt you'll find any big difference in protection from brand to brand. It all seems to be weight, and in the case of TLD, graphics.

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