Hi there,

I am strictly a road cyclist right now but I want to branch out into other disciplines. I've been thinking about buying a nice rigged mountain bike to use to introduce myself to riding some trails around here that are a bit too sloppy for my skinny road tires. I would also like to have a bike that I could ideally use as my winter commuter. Being a college student I am also on a very tight budget. I know I'm putting a lot of stipulations onto this.

Anyway, I've come across a 1999 fuji Sunfire on my local CL. The seller is asking 175$ obo. I'm not comfortable paying that much for it considering when it was new the msrp was 250$. I just wanna know what might be a good offer to make for this bike.


If you guys have any suggestions for me that I could save towards. The used market here is very small especially since I am a tall rider I need to buy the largest sized frame possible in order to make the bike accommodating.