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    Tell me about Haro bikes (or others)

    My wife and I both have cross bikes, but there is a fantastic set of trails around here that we just can't tackle with them, so I'm looking into getting some starter-ish MTBs for us. I've done the usual browsing online, looked at the usual players in the game. I'd love a Surly Pugsley but can't afford it. I like the Specialized Hardrock as well (for it's price). But I've also seen a bunch of Haro bikes around here, and also had a chance to see a few in person at a shop the other day (was not an intensive investigation - we were there so my friend from out of town could buy new sunglasses).

    Anyway, Haros seem to be priced decently, as we're looking to spend no more than $500 for each bike. I'd like to get a 29er, but it's not a must. Hardtail for sure, but front shocks, obvi.

    Can anyone tell me about their experiences with the brand, and their durability and quality? I know you get what you pay for, but a little piece of mind from experience is good either way. Are they the Schwinn's of MTBs?

    And if anyone has any other suggestions for other good MTBs at my price point I'm open to those as well.

    I'm not a complete n00b at this kind of riding, but it's been a long time since I've done it.

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    Pretty much anything from a bike shop at that pricepoint will be spec'ed similarly. Haro is fine...they were a big BMX name a while ago, and though they're not THE name in BMX anymore, they still make some solid BMX and mountain bikes. I'd suggest you ride as many bikes from as many brands in your pricerange as possible, and see what fits and feels best. They'll all have slightly different geometry, and you'll likely find one company's bikes fit you better than others.

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