I have a 2002 Norco Storm that has never been cleaned, lubed, or otherwise maintained. I have stripped it (first time I've ever done this!), and would like to make it a winter commuter/easy trail rider. While learning about which parts I need, I ran across people converting to 1x8. I really like this idea, and want to know what I would need to do it. I will be replacing all of the drivetrain components except for the Deore 8 sp. RD and Rapidfire shifters since they're in good shape.
Should I buy an Acera FC-M361 and pull off chainrings/change bolts, buy a SS chainring, or buy a SS specific crankset?
Most of the conversion threads suggest a 32, 34, or 36T chainring, but most SS cranksets are 40T+. Why?
What would I need as a BB spindle length for this? For 3x8 with the FC-M361, I would need a 113mm.
Would I still use a standard 7/8 speed chain?
Does anyone know the BB shell width for this 2002 Norco Storm? Thanks.