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    I've got three questions:

    Firstly, I've just bought a pair of new Specialized mtb shoes and I have to install the cleats. The manual tells me that I have to tear the rubber off where the cleats are supposed to be - only thing is: this piece of rubber is big and really hard to get off... the illustration in the manual shows that you just grab it and pull it off (using a leatherman or something like it) but after attempting that for about an hour or so and also cutting wildly into the rubber, and it still won't come off, I find I need a little help with this. I have taken the sole out and tried to push through that way but no luck that way. Does anybody have an advice or a good idea?

    Secondly, I'm thinking about replacing my front fork on my Large Santa Cruz Blur bike but I've never replaced a fork before and therefore I need some guiding with this. What tools are needed to get the fork off and from where to do you measure the length of the steering tube? From what I understand I just have make sure that the fork's steering tube I'm buying is long enough to fit on the bike, is this correct? What else to I need to know?

    Thirdly, I do about 2/3 XC (meaning forresty trails, rather gnarly or "technical") and 1/3 trail riding (fast and sometimes bumpy). I'm looking for a decent fork to accomodate these needs and replace the old bomber I have. Santa Cruz recommends that you use a 100mm fork so I guess I'm gonna use that for a point of departure. What fork would you recommend for this? I'm looking at the Minute 3 as a possibility (advice from a friend) but what else is there in that ballpark (can't really spend much more than 400 on a fork). Furthermore what are the advantages/disadvantages of buying a used fork rather than new?

    I know this a lot all at once, but even if you have the slightest feedback I would love it.
    THANK U! ... and thanks for a great forum.
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