Hey Everyone,
My name is James and I own Trailhead Performance here in COlorado Springs. We are full service bike shop. I do a ton of tours here in Colorado and thus thought I would make a couple recommendations for trails that are must hits if you live in Colorado.

The first is scenic and an awesome trail. Its called RAMPART RESERVOIR. This trail allows the novice to intermediate to get a great 11-14 mile ride under their belt. It has some single track and good variety. You'll cross rivers, jump rocks and be surrounded by the beauty of Colorado. The trailhead is northwest of Colorado Springs, near the city of Woodland Park in the Front Range. You can get direction by visting http://www.singletracks.com/php/trail.php?id=26

For those that enjoy a good workout and the excitment of switchbacks, check out Waldo Canyon. This trail has an incredible climb from the canyon but once you reach the top-you are blessed with 30 minutes of switch backs and downhills. It will take about an hour to reach the top and the views are incredible. You can reach this trail by taking Hwy 24 West out of Colorado Springs. You will pass the Cave of Winds and Cliff dwellings. You will then see a parking lot on the right. Pull in and the Trailhead is right there.

Lastly, for those of you that are advanced and want to prove your worth, head to Red Rocks. You can get directions by going to RedRocksOnline.com. Now in order to really feel this course-don't start at the top near the Amphitheatre like everyone else-no cruise to the bottom and start at the enterance. Then climb your way back to the top. The soil is loose and covered in some red rocks (Hence the name Red Rocks) so anyway you look at it-you will feel the need for calories when you are done. The best part is the hikers and other bikers that are comming down the trail while your headed up-their facial expression is "You must be mad". I like to repsond with the facial expression of "No your just a whimp".

If you want some other trail information or are in need of service, please check out our website at www.TrailheadPerformance.com or call the shop at (719) 640-0399.