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Thread: BAK or BRAN?

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    BAK or BRAN?

    I was just wondering if anyone here has ever participated in either Biking Across Kansas or Bike Ride Across Nebraska? If so, was it well worth your time? If you've done both, which was better?

    I'm considering doing one this year, but I'm not quite sure if: a) I'd be capable, and b) which one I would do. So I figured I asked around to see what people think.

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    Kinda old thread, but there is still time......they do happen every year.

    I have not done either one. They don't get the publicity that RAGBRI does (accross Iowa), but I would guess that BRAN would be a little more interesting than BAK. I can't stand driving accross Kansas, but all of Nebraska has some very cool scenery. Don't let the drive on I-80 scare you. People think Nebraska sucks because of that drive. It doesn't

    Looks like BRAN is over for 2007. Would have been a great run throuhg some beautiful country. I love the sandhills.
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