Hey, did anyone go to the moonlight ramble in st. louis this year?? For those that don't know, the moonlight ramble is an event done in St. Louis every year on the closest saturday night to the full moon. Bikers meet up downtown at midnight and then follow a street route (that's blocked off by the city) on either a short 10 mile or long 20 mile loop.

I went and it was pretty amazing. The route this year went from downtown St. Louis (right around union station) up the Forest Park Parkway to Debaliver for the short route and to Clayton for the long route. I don't know the exact number that showed up this year but typically it draws 10,000 plus people and it seemed like double that this year.

One of the coolest things about the event is that its not a ride that some organization or company started. It was just one guy, back in the the 60's, who organized it and the first year he was the only one who showed. Now its a huge event. It's cool to see how its grown! http://www.moonlightramble.com/mr/history.html

Anyway, St. Louis today did a cool little slide show with pictures and sound clips from the event. Check it out: