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    The Twilight Zone

    Since Pwnt complained this forum has about as much going on as the inside of Britney Spear's head, this one is for you.

    Tue: On my ride into work the rear tire on my touring bike fails and explodes. I waste my spare tube and explode it again. Deciding that I had no desire to patch and boot the tube and tire, I walked to the light rail.
    Purchased a new tire after booting the old one. On the way home I end up racing an older gentleman who was riding a MTB with wide as hell tires. He literally handed it to me.

    Wed: The tube I replaced in my rear tire had a slow leak. While stopping to fill up the tire I notice a sheriff car cruising down the MUP. Switched off my light and ducked for cover. No need for a lecture.... again. Adams county has the trail closed at dark.

    Today: Coming up on 270 I noticed something like 8 police cars. Come to find out later it was closed down due to a chase. When I crossed under 270 I was informed that the trail was closed. So, the following occurred.
    -Turned around and briefly looked at 70th ave. Too busy.
    -Went further North to Steele and connected with York.
    -Headed south on York to discover a long backup. Jumped on the sidewalk and rode ahead to determine that York was closed.
    -Pulled a U-Turn and connected with 70th Ave.
    -Headed west on 70th Ave. 2 lanes with 50mph+ traffic.
    -Headed south on Washington into Denver. York and Washington are completely horrid streets.
    -Noticed the Pepsi sign and almost jumped up and down with joy and entered back on to the platte.

    Oh and turning into my work I noticed a 50s style ambulance painted matte black, with red lettering, fake cannon on the side, and some strange winged contraption on the top.

    My commuting break this winter is going to be quite enjoyable. Spin classes are looking nice at the moment.

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    You got PWNT! *whacks DJ in the face with a tumbleweed

    I love noodles.

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