Hey guys,

Three weeks ago I bought a 1979/1980 pearl white 10-speed Peugeot UO9 that I absolutely love. The first week was amazing and everything worked beautifully and the shifting was tight and seamless.

Unfortunately, in the past week or so I have had trouble staying in my lower set of gears. It began when I would stop at a light and start pedaling again - and it would automatically shift up from fourth to fifth speed.

Now what happens is that my chain falls off almost every time that I stop at a light and start pedaling again.

I want to take care of this bike as much as possible. It has original parts and I'm not opposed to replacing them if need be, but I'd like to learn to tune my bike to the best of my ability.

If you're in Capitol Hill, a vintage bike enthusiast, and wouldn't mind spending a few hours showing a new rider some basic tuning or just talking about classic bikes, let me know!


- Joe