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    New York vacation Out West (Garmin Links)

    Well, I'm out west now, looking for trouble.

    First stop, pikes peak. Tried riding / hiking up the mtb trail, but ran out of oxygen at 11000 ft. Maybe I'll try again once I'm acclimated.

    Next stop, climbing East Portal Road at Black Canyon of the Gunnison. 16% grade on a compact double, and no, there weren't any less steep parts. ha.

    Made it up to the gate (the end of the 16% part), then blew the front tire descending and had to hike / get a ride back down.

    More links to follow, hopefully including bike tour colorado rides from next week.
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    Now wonder you blew a tire dude. It says your max travelling speed was 94.2 mph. way to be!!
    And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

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