I had thought that all cyclist in CO knew about Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, but a post in my A&S thread indicated otherwise. As such, I have repeated that post here.

Larimer County Sheriff still opposes cyclist safety and fair treatment

Is this fool still in office?

"Colorado Senate Bill 148 ( a cycling safety bill) passed the full Senate by a 26-7 vote, ...
Even better than the vote total, the Senate version was not watered down by removing the 3 foot safety zone required of cars who are overtaking bicycles. As had been expected, the inimitable sheriff of Larimer County, Jim Alderden, opposed the bill, claiming it would be too hard to enforce."

Story CO Senate passage of bill

Initial story on bill & Sheriff's opposition

Original story on Larimer County Sheriff

The original web-blog hack piece, written by the Sheriff, against cyclist was taken down.
But there are lots of links about the dealings with the Sheriff:

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