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    C.springs..injured...easy rides

    Hi there

    Anyone interested in super-easy riding in Colorado springs im interested.
    I know some great easy trails and anyone in simular situation , I im up
    for it. Injured or just starting, lets get in shape....I got a backyard bike
    shop too if you need help with your bike.

    I cross posted this in the health fitness but here it is again.

    Last Nov. I took a horrible fall and broke and compressed 4 vertibre in my cervical
    area of my spine. I had surgery with fusion of basicaly my entire neck. I spent 4 month
    in bed and then anohter 6 just learning how to walk again in horrible pain. I still have
    terrible pain in my feet from all of it and can't walk very well at all not more than like
    a few hundred feet....but I can ride a bike again now !!

    At first I was pretty scared and I could barely get on the thing without falling over.
    Wobbly and shakily I started peddeling out the driveway onto the street. Up the street
    and felt ok..i could ride , and the pain wasnt bad at all, I couldnt belive it.
    Walking any length just kills me but riding was ok...a little wobbely but ok.

    Little more each day...down the block and back, then around the block, then a mile
    or so, then two...I'm up to about 15 miles now on a nice flat course of paved trail
    and some street riding. I'm slow but sure, feeling so good to start riding again.
    Not doing much more than about 5 mph but just slow and steady along the trail.

    Wondering if any others have had such cathartic injuries and have come back.
    I want to hear your story. Or if you need my help or encouragment I would
    love to give it.

    I'm in Colorado Springs, the weather is beautiful...i feel alive again


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    Good to hear that your recovering and back on the bike.

    However, I have to say.... you shouldn't ride like the guy in your sig.... if you do, you're gonna get hurt!
    "There is no greater wonder than the way the face and character of a woman fit so perfectly in a man's mind, and stay there, and he could never tell you why. It just seems it was the thing he most wanted." Robert Louis Stevenson

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