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    Questions for Provo cyclists.

    Any cyclists from Provo, UT?

    I moved here for school, and I'm trying to find good places to take my bike. I'm used to urban riding, but not the congested strip-mall hell that seems to make up all of Provo.

    I've tried using MapMyRide, but haven't had much luck. I've found some nice little stretches of country road, but the last route I followed put me on a narrow, one-lane 45mph road with crazy drivers.

    Does anybody have any good recommendations for low-stress, quiet, long rides, both in Provo and the surrounding areas?

    Is the Nebo Loop Byway good for cyclists? What's the best route to get there? How about Squaw Peak Road?

    I'd like to ride up Provo Canyon, but from what I know, Provo Canyon Road seems like a death trap (60mph, narrow shoulder, crazy drivers, etc). I've ridden along the western portion of the Provo River Parkway MUP, but found it to be crowded, and full of virtual speedbumps where tree roots pushed up the pavement. It wasn't much fun. Is the portion going up the Canyon better maintained/less crowded? How are Southfork and Alpine Loop roads, which branch off of Provo Canyon, good for cycling? Can I get on these roads from the Parkway, or do I need to take PCR?

    Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I rode the Provo Canyon trail once last year, it was really pretty nice. A few jacka$$es on roller blades, in the bike lane, but mostly not bad at all. Nice, scenic, ride, well maintained trail.
    Jordan Parkway Trail from Willow Park to the parking lot above the narrows pumping station is always good. Light traffic, only a couple of steep spots, interesting scenery. Only one street crossing. Many places have enough visibility to do sprints safely if you wish.

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