Since I started at Metro this semester, and since there is a mandatory RTD fee, I felt I should get the most use of the light rail while I have to pay for it. I found out that the Mineral station, at 9am, is completely full. So instead of trying to find ways to park, I called them up about the bike lockers. At first the lady told me she thought there was a waiting list for the lockers at the Mineral station, but turns out there was one open! Paid my $30+$20, and I now get to ride 4 miles each way, Monday and Wednesday for class! Not too bad of a ride either, since once I get out of my subdivision, it is a straight shot down Ken Caryl to the station.

Currently takes me 15-20 minutes to get there, and a little more on the way back because it is more uphill going home. Kind of nice to not worry about finding a parking spot.

It amazes me that there is ever a waiting list for the bike lockers, since they should be building more of them if what they have is full. Apparently RTD doesn't want to build more parking, because their goal is to get you out of your car. Well geniuses, build more bike lockers! It can't possibly cost that much to build those things.