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    Katy Trail - Current condition

    In case anyone is interested in the KT's condition after this past week's heavy rains and flooding... here is a personal update. We rode the trail end to end, twice, in the last six days ending yesterday (Friday May 21st). in St Charles. The bottom line is: all of the flooded area's that existed this past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all gone by Thursday. The "Sink hole' west of Boonevile had a good, short, single lane wooden bridge installed over it by mid week and was no longer an issue. All of the downed trees from early in the week were all removed by Thurday but we had a new one to work through on Friday morning and I suspect that it is probably long gone by now.
    So all in all the trail is wide open with the remaining soft spots drying out rapidly, just stay alert for some water ruts near some of the private driveways on the eastern end of the Tail and you'll be golden.

    Bill J,
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