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    moving to salt lake city ?

    My girlfriend is going to school near SLC and wants me to move out there with her, and I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what it takes to get a bike shop job in the area, I have almost 5 years experience working in a locale bike shop, and would think that that would be enough to get a shop managers attention, but what I am unsure about is how and when to apply. Would I be smart to stay here and try moving out and applying in the spring or should I move out there with her now and hope I can find a job at a ski resort and have a permanent residence and keep bugging bike shops all winter long till one of them hires me. Any advise would be helpful also if anyone has any good contacts that would be great to.

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    Even ski resort jobs are pretty tough to find around here these days. Brighton used to have a job fair in the fall to fill its 400 or so seasonal positions, but these days most of those spots are spoken for well before the season starts without the need to recruit.

    I would think the LBS situation is somewhat similar. You might want to come out and stay for a week or so and make the rounds. Sorry I don't have any LBS contacts and can't be of more help. Let us know how it goes, though.
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