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    Denver area powder coater

    Anyone have any experience in the Denver area getting a frame powder coated? Who did you go with?

    I have a frame coming to me that I'm considering having powdercoated.
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    I've used JD's Cycle Shack ( and a place in Longmont on 3rd St. next the railroad tracks. JD's was cheaper, did a good job and faced the BB shell and headtube afterwards. The guy in Longmont was very good but more expensive. He was doing frames for Dean at the time so he knows his stuff. I'm sure there are other shops in Denver that do bikes, use google to search the forums here and you'll probably get some hits. My memory says 'denver bumper' was one shop but I might be wrong about that...

    A lot depends on what color you pick. I really like the 'metallic' colors that have a silver under a translucent color but not everyone does them and they cost more.

    edit to add: the shop in Longmont is Rocky Mountain (something) either Body or Paint and Body or ....
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    I've seen a couple from Colorado Powder Coating recently that look great. As I understand they do all kinds of things so don't necessarily specialize in bikes.
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