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Thread: parts in denver

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    parts in denver

    while i have a couple leads on ebay, i was wondering if anyone had any leads on a shimano 3 speed thumb or stick shifter, locally. it is to go on an internal hub shimano 3 speed on a 78 schwinn trike. it is not a sturmey archer, which seems to be the more popular and reliable brand, trying to stick with what is on it already; a finely working hub and new cable, until i may decide to go sturmey at some later point. i understand the old shimano 3 speed shifters are no longer made and it is proving to be a huge pain finding a branded one, i may try a friction shifter to tide me over. also, would like to put a springer fork on it as well. spent all day looking at thrift stores and calling bike shops, and craigslist denver is a dead end for both of these as well. i could get the springer new, but would prefer used, that's why i'm asking here.

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    no promises, but:

    the bike depot

    2825 fairfax street

    denver 80207

    phone 303 303 1963

    a small, non-profit shop/store in park hill. they have used parts, segregated by category (pedals , shifters, cranksets, etc), and not brand. they are busy, so you have to go in and look for yourself. they will point to the area of interest.

    really nice folks.

    tuesday-thursday noon to 7
    friday-sunday 11 to 5

    their shop is open to fix your bike yourself on scheduled days/hours. you geta whole station w/repair stand and tools.

    then there is de-reiler bike co-op at 4th and lipan. also non-profit, and has parts but i have no info on how they run the place. they do fix-it-yourself, too.

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