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    Picketwire Canyon Dinosaur tracks

    I'll be leading my mostly annual trip to the Purgatory River south of La Junta on October 14 and 15 (camp on the 14th and ride on the 15th) for the Denver Bicycle Touring Club. This ride is a great easy epic mountain bike ride with all kinds of historical and geological sites of interest. Below is the write up that appears in the DBTC newsletter. All are welcome to join me on a ride that most Colorado mountain bicyclists don't even know exists.

    Picketwire Canyon – Allosaurs! Brontosaurs! Tarantulas! Oh My! Join Stuart Black for another trip to the Picketwire Canyon Dinosaur Trackway. This year we’ll be camping on the edge of the canyon (25 miles south of La Junta) Friday night. Stuart will entertain you with the chilling story of how the Purgatory River got its name after sundown. The ride within the canyon is a mountain bike ride with a few climbs and some sand. Bring food and water as there are no services within the canyon or at the campground. Bring wading shoes since the best tracks are across the Purgatory River. Contact Stuart Black to RSVP and for details on carpool arrangements and directions to the campsite.
    Stuart Black
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    Wish I could go but it's a long way from Grand Junction.

    We have some good dinosaur fossils, and a few trackways, over here but I'd love to see the Trackway over there sometime.
    I had to go look it up.
    Yep. Jurassic Morrison Formation.

    Have fun!
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