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    Bike overnight camping trip from Denver, where shall I go?

    Hey all! I'm planning a bike camping (Bikamping?) trip next week, for two nights. Somewhere within 50 miles of Denver. Ideally, I'd want to head South, North, or East to avoid any sort of climbing, but if there's something in the westerly direction with minimal climbing, I'm ok with that. I'm talking avoiding going up to Estes Park or somewhere with a road like that. And I'm sure there's less exciting places and scenery going East.

    I've seen an old post on this forum of biking to Idaho Springs, but that would involve biking partly on I-70. Is there now a way to bike through Genessee without having to do that?

    The reason for this trip, is that I'm planning a longer bike trip this summer on the east coast, and I want to do a mini trip just to see how it works out and if I'll actually want to do a longer trip! And it's my spring break, have to make it an adventurous one.

    A friend suggested going to Castlewood Canyon, since I can stay on the Cherry Creek Trail for part of the way, and then I'd figure it out from there. However, that park does not allow camping, so does anyone know of camping near by?

    I'm open for all suggestions and advice! Thanks!


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    Places to formally camp alomg the metro trail system include Chatfield State Park, Bear Creek Lake Park, Cherry Creek State Park and ???

    You can certainly plot a series of overnight camping stops along the metro trail system, which is 100's of miles long.

    Here is a map of the major metro area trails. BTW, you can ride to the west side of Castlewood Canyon state park entirely by the Cherry Creek Trail and about 3 miles of Castlewood Canyon Road - little traveled - there is one mile of dirt - but easiy travelable - trail south of Parker.

    For example, you could start from Chatfield, take the ighline Canal Trail to the Cherry Creek Trail, catch the trail to Cherry Creek State Park, spend the night (get reservations) then head to Confluence Park, then south on the Platte River Greenway to the Bear Creek trail and to Bear Creek Lake Park, spend the night, then back to Chatfield. There is just a bit of climbing getting into Cherry Creek State Park and into Bear Creek Lake Park over Mt Carbon, but nothing bad. Lots of other potential routes of 50 iles or so.

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    I'm looking at doing a couple of S24Ho (sub 24 hour) trips; Chatfield was my 1st choice but Bear Creek sounds like a good option, too!

    Looking at riding down the Platte into Chatfield, spending the night, then coming back in the morning via the same route.

    Hope yours went well; would love to hear how it was!

    Drop me a PM, ok?


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