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    St. Louis to Springfield, IL on Rt. 66?

    We'll be traveling to the Springfield, Illinois area for a wedding in the fall. From Anchorage, it's easiest (and cheapest) to fly to St. Louis. I had the bright idea that we could then rent bikes in St. Louis, and pedal Rt. 66 to Springfield. Not being from the area, or ever doing much there except drive through in a car a long time ago, I have no idea if this is a realistic idea or not.

    My biggest concern is getting from the airport, out of the city to Rt. 66. It looks like Rt. 66 is on the opposite side of city from the airport. Is there anything but 270 or 70 that would take you over to Rt. 66 that is bicycle friendly, or at least not a highway?

    The second concern is finding a decent touring bike to rent. We own mountain bikes and fat tire snow bikes since that's what's good for Alaska, but no touring bikes yet. Also, for a short trip, flying a bike down just wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Any suggestions, thoughts, things to consider are appreciated. Thanks

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    You might try posting on the touring forum. Folks there get around a lot and someone should be familiar with this route. Many people go through STL.
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