it's a bicycle tour of historic and current kansas city breweries. the idea is you ride a few miles and stop at the site of a historic brewery and listen to a story told by a historian. nobody does that. everyone just rides straight thru. there are 3-4 pit stops where you can grab a small beer sample or some water and a light snack and continue on. we did it last year. it was a lot of fun.

registration started yesterday. it's $40 for early registration.

the only thing i would say is don't ride your road bike. kansas city's roads are pretty rough, especially in the west bottoms where there are a lot of old rail road lines just under the asphalt. i saw a lot of road bike wheels destroyed last year just in the first 5 miles due to the road conditions. once you get out of the bottoms the roads aren't too bad.

i think we're doing the 30 mile route. i gotta hit the trails and get back in shape after hyphenating all winter.