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    Hello! Just looking to get some information from this community :)


    I'm currently a student working on his thesis. I'm looking to get some information regarding the use of bicycles as a mode of commuting transportation.

    Basically I'm trying to tweak the current bicycle to better serve everyone as a mode of commuting transportation. Being from/to work, school, or any destination achievable to a bicycle.

    Why? Because I believe bicycles are the way to encourage people into putting alternative transportation into practice. As a whole: speeding up the fight against fossil fuel consumption.

    I have a survey for anyone in this community to take. It's just a simple questionnaire at this time. Just to collect some information for a solid foundation for more research. ( ) It's only 13 questions.

    But my overall questions is:

    What would motivate people to buy/rent/borrow a bike to use for commuting rather than using fossil fuels (driving, using bus transit, taxi). Not just motivate them enough to take the initial step, but to keep them going at it until they have generated a positive experience that would seal it into a routine.

    What do you guys think? any ideas?

    What ive been thinking so far is:
    power drive assist
    Free bike rental programs... thats it so far.

    Thanks for a moment of your time.

    Jerry G
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